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Imunovir ™ (inosine pranobex) is an immunomodulator of the potentiator type which has demonstrated an enhancing effect on the function and number of various cells of the immune system, particularly T lymphocytes. Imunovir™ has the ability to enhance the functions of various cells within the immune system and it seems likely that these effects are responsible for its clinical efficacy. Therapy with an agent capable of enhancing certain aspects of the immune response is a logical approach to the treatment of disorders associated with an underlying cellular immune defect. These include viral diseases and immune deficiency states.

Chemical structure of Imunovir™

Chemical structure of Imunovir™

Imunovir™ is also known in different parts of the world as Isoprinosine®, Viruxan®, Prinosine® and Virimun®.

A pilot study in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been published, but its use in this indication is still considered investigational.

Imunovir™ has registered indications in 70 countries.

Imunovir™ is approved only for the treatment of SSPE (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis) in Canada.

Imunovir™ is available in 500mg tablets and is supplied in packages of 100 blistered tablets. It is a prescription-only medication in Canada.

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