Immune Modulation

immune system

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Immune modulation is a new emerging field in the medical treatment of viral infections. Immune modulation works by introducing an agent into the body that boosts specific areas of the immune system, most notably the T Lymphocytes cells. It is our belief, along with many other members of the medical community, that stimulating areas of the immune system will lead to an increase in the probability of your body naturally fighting off viral infections. Anti-virals exert their effect on individual viruses and tend to work on specific virus types, whereas stimulating the immune system tends to target all virus types to varying degrees.

Since an immune modulator boosts the effectiveness of the viral immune system it is our belief that immune modulation could be an effective treatment in a wide variety of viral infections.

Imunovir has been approved since 1971 for the treatment of cell mediated immune deficiencies associated with various viral infections and has been studied against many more.