One of the key components of our sustainable, growth-orientated and value-driven strategy is the ongoing business developmnent of Kora Healthcare. We recognise that forging partnerships with like-minded companies, with strong therapeutic synergy, is vital to fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision.

When we engage in a business development opportunity we do so earnestly, ready to capitalise on the market opportunity and are commited for the long-term. Our first step is to work with our partners to develop a deep understanding of the critical success factors and speak to relevant stakeholders so that we make the right decision and investments. When evaluating we do so on the principle of seeking meaningful uniqueness through a fail-fast fail-cheap method.

We work relentlessly to provide the optimal platform for our partners – one that is large enough to manage any products but small enough to ensure that each product gets the focus it needs to thrive and the dedicated resources where they will have the greatest positive impact on patients. 

Our business development team seeks to identify, develop and commercialise opportunities that are aligned with our patient therapeutic focus and our established supporting commercial and technical infrastructure. We are actively seeking to expand our product portfolio through in-licensing; commercialised, near-commercial, pre-registration and late stage development products that are highly differentiated within our patient and therapeutic areas of focus. 

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